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Professionals Technologies
~ The first grade accuracy effectively ensures by the accuracy of the test results
~ A tester integrates seven independent test procedures, including tensile test, peeling test, tearing test and heat sealing test; thus, providing users with a variety of test items
~ A variety of force sensors and seven-test-speed provide convenience for users to test under different test conditions
~ Microcomputer control, menu interface, PVC operation panel, and large LCD display, which make it convenient for users to operate quickly
~ Limit protection, overload protection, automatic return, and power down memory and other intelligent configuration to ensure the safety of users
~ The professional control software provides many practical functions, such as statistical analysis of group samples, superposition analysis of test curves, analysis of elastic modulus, setting, printing, viewing, clearing and calibration of test parameters
~ It is equipped with RS232 data interface and micro printer interface to facilitate the external connection and data transmission between the system and the computer
~ Support LystemTM Laboratory Data Sharing System with uniform management of test results and reports

Testing Principle
The specimen is clamped between two heads of the fixture, and the two heads make relative movement. Through the force sensor on the moving chuck and the displacement sensor built in the tester, the force and displacement changes during the test process are collected, and the tensile, tear, deformation rate and other performance indexes of the sample are calculated.

This tester complies with many international and domestic standards:
ISO 37, GB 8808, GB/T 1040.1-2006, GB/T 1040.2-2006, GB/T 1040.3-2006, GB/T 1040.4-2006, GB/T 1040.5-2008, GB/T 4850-2002, GB/T 12914-2008, GB/T 17200, GB/T 16578.1-2008, GB/T 7122, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2791, GB/T 2792, GB/T 17590, ASTM E4, ASTM D882, ASTM D1938, ASTM D3330, ASTM F88, ASTM F904, JIS P8113, QB/T 2358, QB/T 1130

Profound Applications
XLW has a wide range of applications, and more than 100 different sample fixtures are configured for users to choose, which can meet the test requirements of more than 1,000 kinds of materials; according to the different materials of users, Labthink also provides customized services to meet the test requirements of different users.Application Examples are as follows:

Basic Applications
1. Tensile Strength and Deformation Rate
2. Breaking Force
3. Heat Sealing Strength Performance
4. Tear Resistance
5. Shear Properties
6. 180 Degree Peeling
7. 90 Degree Peeling

Extended Applications
(special accessories or modification required)
Simulated skin puncture resistance Puncture force of film
Puncture force of infusion bag closure Puncture of soft rubber bottle stopper/Pulling force
Opening force of combined closure ZD Tearing force of bottle cap
Tearing force of oral liquid cap Oral liquid cap puncture/Pulling force
90 degree inclined pull out force of infusion bag closure Pull out force of infusion bag closure
23 degree inclined drawing force of bottle cap Puncture with bottle cap and rubber plug/Drawing force
adhesive tape 90 degree peeling force Tearing force of binding pages
90 degree peeling force of water-based plaster Tearing force of adhesives
Adhesion strength test (soft) Adhesion strength test (hard)
Stripping force of hose closure Detachment force of catheter and conduit joint
Pull out force of makeup brush Pulling force of toothbrush
Breaking force of rope Opening force of jelly cup and yogurt cup
Peeling force of milk cup Pull out force of rubber plugs
Bottle film 45 degree of peeling force Opening tension of self sealing bag
Peeling force of magnetic card core Magnetic card 90 degree peeling force
Tearing force of heat sealing film Separation force of protective films
Separation force of release paper Tear strength of trousers
Unwinding force of tapes Pressure resistance of plastic bottles
20 degree peeling force on inclined plane 135 degree bolt stripping force
Floating roll stripping fixture Eccentric fixture
Wide specimen holder Japanese fixture
British fixture /


Technical Parameters

Items Parameter
Specifications 500N(standard) 30N 50N 100N 200N (optional)
Accuracy Grade 1
Test Speed 50 100 150 200 250 300 500 mm/min
Number of Samples 1
Sample Width 30 mm (standard fixture)
50 mm (optional fixture)
Sample Clamping Manual
Trip 600 mm
Dimensions 450 mm (L) × 450 mm (W) × 980 mm (H)
Power Supply 220VAC 50Hz / 120VAC 60Hz
Net Weight 65 kg


Product Configuration
Standard Configuration
Mainframe, general fixture, professional software, communication cable
Micro printer, special printing line, standard press roller, test board, sampling knife, floating roller fixture, non-standard fixture

Note: Labthink is committed to the innovation and improvement of product performance and function. For this reason, the product technical specifications will be changed accordingly. The above information is subject to notice, you can log in www.labthink.com to get the latest information. The company reserves the right of modification and final interpretation.